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The Law Office of Bryan A. Chapman is located in Washington, D.C. 

Civil Rights

Bryan Chapman is a civil rights lawyer.  He is a graduate of Dartmouth College and the University of Wisconsin-Madison law school.  

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"Equal Justice under the Law"

Mr. Chapman is an experienced civil litigator who practices employment discrimination law in the Washington, D.C. and Maryland federal courts. He advocates for individual employees against large corporations, as well as, federal, state, and local governments.      

Mr. Chapman has been fighting for individual employees against powerful employers since 1993.  His passion is fighting for the oppressed in a court of law. 

Federal courts level the playing field by giving employees an opportunity to recover monetary damages, emotional pain and suffering, loss pay, and attorney's fees, from powerful employers who discriminate against them: 

sexual harassment    sex discrimination

race discrimination    national origin discrimination

religious discrimination    age discrimination

disability discrimination    retaliation

Recent Success

In 2017, following a 2014 jury award and a 2016 affirmation from the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals, Mr. Chapman achieved a total recovery (jury award, back pay award, and attorney's fees) of $1,235,670.00 on behalf of a Prince George's County teacher, who was retaliated against when he complained about racial harassment, Jon Everhart v. Board of Education of Prince George's County.  

The Washington Post, including local televisions stations, covered the case from the moment it was filed in the Maryland federal court in 2010 until a jury rendered it's verdict in Mr. Everhart's favor several years later.  

"...teacher won a $350,000 jury award..."

"...I just think it was a disgrace, and I think that's what the jury saw, too, Chapman said."

Washington Post - August 9, 2014


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